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the chaos 

Connect with wise women to feel more grounded,

more vibrant, and more balanced than ever before.

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Have you forgotten how to take care of you?

Are you constantly putting others' needs before your own?


Are you juggling multiple responsibilities, spending all your time and energy in a demanding workplace or at home?


It probably feels like an endless cycle of crap.


You're putting yourself at risk of wasting years of your life forgetting to take care of YOU.

Women's Mental Health Support
About refuge Circles

A safe space to connect.

Refuge Circles is a space to step away from the chaos of 'self sacrifice' and busy-ness that has completely hijacked your life.


Each circle is an invitation to connect with other wise women + explore your inner world, feel more grounded, more vibrant and more balanced than ever before.


Plus, they are built around your busy life.

How It Works

Refuge Circles Online Emotional Support

Each circle is held virtually on Zoom. This means you can come in your coziest of clothes. You will be joining 3 or 4 other women in real time. No recordings.

It is a meeting that happens live, online.

Refuge Circles Online Emotional Support

Bring your listening ears, non judgement, a willingness to share your experience, and a blank paper + any art supplies. You are also welcome to bring tea, a blanket... whatever you want for comfort.

Refuge Circles Online Emotional Support

Circles are short-term (6 weeks or less) + have NO HOMEWORK EVER.

Choose an upcoming circle from the choices above, which are currently being offered at beta pricing.

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What to Expect

Each circle is organic; it follows what makes sense as things arise. There will be a structure, but I may stray from it to prioritize authenticity and connection.


We will begin each session 'setting aside' any distractions. I will gently bring everyone into a heart-felt conversation.


Each circle is different, but could include a variety of: guided imagery, meditation, mindfulness exercises, intention setting, and/or reflecting and offering our wisdom to each other.


Most meetings will have an art making experience incluced. The art is a unique way to process the happenings of the circle. You do not have to be an artist to participate.


Each circle will conclude with words of gratitude. 

Rachel Hirning Refuge Circles Images (2000 x 1124 px).png

Choose a Circle

Refuge Circles Self Care

Wise Women

This circle is an invitation to be seen and to see others in a powerful way.  After opening the circle, each person takes a turn to speak from the heart.No need to even plan- You simply express whatever is being held inside you.  The other women respond to your sharing in an inspired way.  There are some guidelines introduced in the first two sessions to understand how to speak, listen, and respond in this special way.  It is an opportunity to go deeper with other women, experience warmth and gracious support while doing the same for others. It is connection at its finest!

Refuge Circles Burnout Support

Art From the Heart

This circle ignites your imagination in the service of YOU! No art making experience needed. You will follow your intuition as you make marks and images on the page. Each meeting will have its own process-oriented approach. We may use guided imagery or follow a particular set of instructions. No matter what, this circle intends to reveal wise images that live inside you. All of them have a practical use that you can integrate in your day. What supportive imagery will you find?

Refuge Circles Art Therapy

Meet Your Wise Self

In this circle you will experience a discussion around Wise Self. You will be guided through an imagery exercise to meet her. Then, we engage with her more fully, in writing or dialoguing exercises, and playing with symbols, gifts or messages she may have for you. Plus, you will understand how to integrate all of this into your daily life. The resource you get to know during this circle will keep giving, long after it ends! 

Rachel Hirning Refuge Circles

Hi, I’m Rachel, your guide for the Refuge Circles.

I graduated from Naropa University in 2005 with a dual Master’s degree, in both Transpersonal Counseling and Art Therapy.


I have always been a lover of the arts and psychology, and feel blessed that my profession, is a hybrid of the two. The word creativity is wide and expansive, and the metaphors inherent in the term, can be applied to any person, anytime, in any stage of development. Simply stated, we are all creating our own lives, ‘one stroke at a time’ much like a painting gets created, ‘one stroke at a time’. It is these small, but incremental and consistently made choices, that determine what our life looks like.


The metaphors in creativity, and the process of art making itself, ground the work I do. I am passionate about helping you discover and master your own creative spirit.

It all began, when...

A while back, I had a rare opportunity to travel to Japan. Have you been there? It is an amazing country, but so busy! So incredibly busy. Coming from a small town, I was not prepared for the visual assault of media and billboards, or the constant movement of the metro. There were thousands of people shifting non stop.


Miraculously, there are also hundreds of shrines and temples completely accessible to anyone, right smack in the middle of this chaos. Once your foot crosses over from the sidewalk into the temple, you are immersed in a state of calm, mystical, other-worldly space. It was quiet. It was respectful. It was slow. It gave you time to think about what was important.


I admired how easy it was to transition from this state of hurry to a state of slow-ness and meaning making.


I thought, 'how wonderful it would be to make this transition easy within'? How many times do I see the hurried, frenzied amazing woman who pours her heart and soul into others but ignores her own Self? To be honest, I've been there too. I think we all have, and we continue to be there despite our best efforts to do it different. There are so many demands.


I created Refuge Circles so you can take an easy step into your inner temple. So you can start to hear yourself think, remember what matters, and feel ready to manage this thing called life.

Refuge Circles Support Groups

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